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Specialty Services

DESIGN-WIN TRACKING SOLUTION We provide our client companies with a turnkey solution for tracking your global sales activities. With this package, we assist you with developing a database which integrates your company's management, sales-force, OEM customers, contract manufacturers, and distributors into a strategic network using a combination of the latest versions of Microsoft® Products to develop, implement, and maintain the system. We help you develop the system and work with you to successfully integrate a fully functional system for tracking your customer design win activities. This package also includes six months of support during integration.

SALES NETWORK EXPANSION SOLUTION With our expansion package, we offer our clients an opportunity to expand their sales network with ease. We offer a discount to clients who utilize independent sales representatives and expand their network on a regional basis. With this package, we assist our clients with developing an expansion plan for the region of interest. Once completed, we begin the process of recruiting sales partners, screening candidates, and final selection of the representatives. We assist our clients with execution of the sales agreements and development of initial training materials. Five territories from one region are included in this package.

LEAPFROG MARKET STRATEGY SOLUTION This package offers the client with a complete solution for developing a strategic marketing plan. We develop a market study for the client to encompass the products and markets of interest. After reviewing the results of our study with the client, we co-develop a marketing strategy that best positions our client's products in the market. Included in this package is a SWOT analysis, product marketing plan, tactical marketing plan for implementation, and our recommended channel strategy required to achieve your the objectives of the marketing plan. Implementation support offered for an additional retainer fee.

CHANNEL STRATEGY SOLUTION This package offers our clients a solution for developing the most competitive channel strategy for its organization. We evaluate our clients existing sales channel strategy and cost-of-sales. We develop alternative channel strategies including direct sales-force, independent sales representatives, and a dynamic hybrid channel strategy used by many leading component manufacturers today. After analyzing these alternatives, we provide our client recommendations for the most effective channel strategy. Once approved, we assist our client with implementing the channel strategy including reorganization and recruitment of manufacturers’ representatives and distributors.

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